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Herbicide and Pesticide Storage Buildings

Does your operation have a pesticide building in place? As you know, State agencies are looking hard at two (2) areas that affect your operation. First, the segregated storage of your chemicals and second, ground water implications from the rinseate operation. SAFE provides herbicide and pesticide storage solutions for your individual maintenance areas.

Herbicide and Pesticide Building Features Include:

  • Non-Combustible design or fire rated
  • Air-tested sump containment
  • Doors, multiple sizes and ratings
  • Floor construction for lifts
  • Explosion-proof appliances (HVAC)
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Lots of shelving
  • Fire make-up vents
  • Chemical-resistant coated surfaces
  • Static grounding system
  • Hold- down brackets
  • Hazard placards and labeling


Fill Systems:

  • Designed Layout
  • Permits
  • Site Prep
  • Curbed containment/egress
  • Steel catch drain
  • Reclaim tank system
  • Canopy weather protection