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There's no better way to go than signing one P.O. and letting SAFE handle all phases of your complex hazardous materials storage building project. Over 90% of our clients take all or part of our services. They like that "Single Source of Contact" —and we save them valuable time and money by controlling the scope of work necessary for the hazardous materials storage building. No other manufacturer will accept the custom storage building responsibilities from start to finish and provide a custom storage building solution that you deserve. (Engineering, site work, construction, and project installation of your chemical storage building).
Menu of Services:

Permitting Approval Package

  • Site Plans chemical storage building
  • Sealed engineering plans and calcs
  • Applications and fees
  • Occupancy certificate

No Cost Consulting

  • Code compliance
  • Site and material handling issues
  • Alternatives and budget costs

Site Prep

  • Excavation
  • Foundations, pads, fencing
  • *HVAC


  • Delivery, offloading, and placement
  • Levelling, grounding, bolt down
  • Testing and quality assurance